Football Strips and Kits – A Fortune

Image result for Football Strips and KitsEvery football team has their own strip, the strip by which they are easily recognized, even by those who aren’t footie fans. In the current day where teams are now competing in a broader area of competition, some teams have two, three, and even four different kits at their disposal. Sponsorship fees run into the billions, but for those forking out the cash, the dividends are worth the money spent.

Fans And Their Clans

In the United Kingdom and Europe, football is a sport that is followed by millions of adoring fans. The fans are loyal to their chosen club, and aren’t afraid to show it. Replica strips and kits have become a top-seller among the fans, and the more prominent brands have realized the gap in the market. With each new kit introduced, there is a profit-making opportunity waiting in the wings.

Where Does The Money Go?

There are only a few major brands which profit from the replica strip market. These brands include the likes of Puma, Adidas, Nike, and the growing new-comer, New Balance. While fans may be scowling at the price of replica kits and pointing fingers at the clubs, it is, in fact, the brands that take home most of the pie. The clubs themselves earn only a very small percentage of the profits. The replica kit market generates millions of pounds in revenue each year.

The benefits to the clubs themselves are perhaps not through monetary gain, but rather through establishing and maintaining the connection with their fans. In a country like the UK, you will find that a young boy will follow the club of his father. It is most certainly is passed through the generations. Maintaining relations with the fans is important for the survival of any club. A brand like New Balance understands that, and is capitalizing enormously.