You probably already know that an ideal pair of running shoes is an important investment to keep you comfortable and injury-free,but are you aware that keeping your shoes in top condition is important too? Although it is advisable to replace your sneakers every 300 – 400 miles, you can extend their lifespan by applying certain tips and tricks.

Proper Wearing and Removal

Yes, there are times when you are in a hurry, but you don’t have to rush your pair of sneakers on or off. Take your time to undo the laces before removal or wearing to avoid stretching the lacing system. Stretched lacing system creates a loose fit, leading to quick shoe distortion.

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Have Multiple Pairs

Whether you’re a professional runner or you simply run as part of your lifestyle, you need more than one pair of running shoes. Alternating your running shoes allows enough time for each pair to dry out and decompress between running sessions. This is particularly crucial if you’re working out in a moist environment.

Proper Cleaning

Perhaps this trick would have come first. If your shoes are stinking, you can use a set of SneakerBalls to fight the odour and refresh them. Spending quality time with your dirty “running partners” together with a suitable cleaner also works great.

Replace Insoles as Needed

When running, insoles absorb most of the shock; thus, they are highly vulnerable to damage. If you want to reclaim that much needed in-store feel that comes with cushioned insoles, then you should replace your insoles regularly. New insoles will breathe new life into your pair of shoes, keeping you comfortably protected for a few more miles.

Heat is the Enemy

Keeping your shoes in a cool, dry place is crucial. Your shoes need to properly air out. Sure, you can’t leave your child in a hot car and expect him to be comfortable, and you should not leave your shoes there either.