New Balance – All The Rage And So Much More

Paris Fashion Week was the debut of something different, something stylish, and something trendy. GUNTAS, the Turkish label making waves in the fashion world, has collaborated with popular sneaker brand New Balance, and the results are nothing short of spectacular. Classic sportswear that you can cover yourself in day or night.

Image result for The StyleThe Style

Trendy, fashionable, comfortable, yet classy. Street cred has never been as easy as now. Cropped hoodies, full hoodies, tees with graphic prints, and sneakers – the deconstructed look is out of this world. The inclusion of heavy stitching and zips has only added to the appeal.

The Collaboration

The joining of two great brands in New Balance and Guntas, and the mish-mash of ideas and concepts has taken fashion to a new level. The ability of the brands to put their heads together and come up with something fresh and exciting is fantastic. Deconstructed looks are ranking high at the moment, and these two brands have hit the nail on the head.

The collaboration is geared towards the younger generations, teens and young adults. It may be a little daring for the older population, however, those young at heart may be courageous enough to give it a whirl. Comfort is important where clothing is concerned, and the casual approach to fashion in this instance, guarantees just that. It not only looks comfortable, it is.

Clothing has always been a statement. What you wear defines you, and the brands you select say whether you are in or out. While we can say that isn’t the finest characteristic of the human population, it is a fact.

Keep your eyes on the store shelves for these creations set to light up the floor for SS18. These collaborations between New Balance and Guntas are going to sell. Be bold, be daring, make a statement, and get noticed.