Image result for PGAGolf was once a sport that was thought to be only for older men, however, that has all changed. Younger and younger people are taking part in a sport that earns millions each year. Renowned as a gentleman’s sport, golf requires stamina, patience, and precision. Whether you enjoy a stroll around the course to de-stress, or you have taken your skills via the professional route, wearing comfortable shoes is paramount, and New Balance Minimus Golf Shoes are the perfect selection.

PGA And New Balance Collaborate

New Balance closest to the pin competition was one for the books. Contestants were given the opportunity to step into the simulator and take their best swing. Each contestant that landed on the green was rewarded with a $10 discount coupon for purchases over $30 at any PGA Tour Super Store. The contest was held at Superstores across the country, with the closest to the pin in each store walking away with a pair of New Balance Minimus Golf Shoes.

The Winner Overall

All the data from all the store competitions was accumulated and calculated with one grand prize winner being identified. The lucky competitor would be making his/her way, with a friend or partner, to the 2017 PGA Championship. – A trip of a lifetime for those who enjoy the game.

In the event that a tie was recorded, a blind draw would be the decider. The world of golf generates millions of dollars in sales of sportswear, equipment and balls. Just like any other sport, fans look up to their favourite player and aspire to be just like them. If that means wearing the same branded shoes or shirts, then that’s just what they do.

Professional golf is not easy to break into, but when you do make that cut, you have the chance to rub shoulders with some of the greats.