Image result for New Balance – New ShoesIf you have ever dreamed of becoming a fashion designer, and had aspirations of working with big name brands, now is your chance to get a shot at the big leagues. In 2015, New Balance sponsored a contest between the months of September and November, that probably changed the course of history for a few lucky aspiring designers. A contest ran every week for eight weeks, with each producing a winner.


In order to enter, participants were requested to visit the New Balance site and design a custom sneaker or shoe. Once completed, each entrant was to post their sneaker/shoe on their Instagram page with the note #NB1DesignContent.

Requirements regarding submissions were strict, and had to be adhered to. There was no tolerance for any design that had any other logo or branding beside that of the sponsor New Balance, and no indecent, racist or harmful content was allowed.

Entrance was granted to individuals over the age of fourteen years. No purchases from the brand were required and there was no entrance fee.

Prizes Worth Smiling About

Eight winners, over eight weeks were selected to win a grand prize. The prize offered to winning contestants was a custom pair of NB 1 running shoes in one of the winning designs. The value of each prize ranged between $160 and $200 depending on the size required. The overall cost of the prizes presented were valued at $1280 and $1600.

Entrants had a chance to design for a brand that most of them wear on a daily basis. The opportunity was provided to reveal what they most desire in a running shoe, and to let their creative flair shine through. Those lucky enough to win have ticked something off their bucket list, and earned themselves a custom, designer pair of sneakers as reward.