Sneaker Lovers Paradise Hits Vancouver

Image result for SneakerSneaker fans in Vancouver have a new favourite place, Grail. While the store does stock all the traditional, popular brands, it also has a place for some of the lesser brands from around the world. The décor itself is astonishing. Displays inspired by galleries greet shoppers as they enter their paradise. Hi-resolution LED lights and the installation of crystal clear surround sound provides an experience like no other.

Brands Making A Statement

Branding is everything when it comes to sneakers, and Grail has not forgotten any of them. New Balance joins the ranks on the shelves with the likes of Puma, Adidas, and Vans. While the popularity of the brands mentioned is widely-acknowledged, lesser-known brands are also making their way into the top rankings. Grail offers a selection of these as well. The sporty brand from Italy, Colmar, and the more retro-style of Karhu from Finland, have their place at Grail.

What’s In Store For Grail In The Future?

In the months coming up, Grail has some major plans on the rise. They plan to source sneaker brands from Japan that may not be widely-known to the market in North-America, and add them to the long list of fabulous footwear on offer. There is nothing better than diversity, and choices – lots of them. Pop up stores and events are planned for the up and coming months, taking Grail and their brands to the people.

Grail wanted to create a heaven for sneaker lovers all over where they could come, browse, and enjoy conversation with like-minded individuals. Grail offers an experience like no other. The diversity of the brands and styles on offer; the community feeling, and the sheer entertainment value of a visit to the store, is enough to get those with a sneaker fetish in a frenzy. Addicted to sneakers of not, Grail will not disappoint.