Testing Technology

Image result for Testing TechnologyFitness has become the hobby of the moment, with more and more people set out to improve their lifestyles and health. Obviously, people being people, they want to dress the part, and this has led to an enormous increase in fitness clothing sales.

The fitness market is, however, flooded with different clothing brands all promising that their gear is designed, and manufactured to improve the fitness experience. Let’s face it, brands will say almost anything really to make that elusive sale, and many of them are just blowing hot air, but that’s not to say they all are.

The only way to find out if it is purely marketing mumbo-jumbo, or if there is truth in the statements, is to test them out, and that’s just what was done. Find out which brands are true to their word.

The top contender for those who participate in obstacle courses or mud runs, is Vanish athletic wear from Under Armour. Adidas AlphaSkin compression wear takes top honours for those who enjoy callisthenics. Yoga masters are frequently wearing ICE X full-length compression tights because of the durable material from which they are made.

New Balance Takes Top Spot For Runners

The New Balance Long Sleeve Stretch Tops are popular amongst the running community. The almost seamless design allows your skin to breathe which is especially useful when you are working up a sweat. The jacquard mesh venting is the fabric that makes this all possible. The stretch tops are streamlined and comfortable, and the added bonus is that they look amazing. New Balance also offers the Reflective Jacket and the Heat Half Zip. These are perfect for running in weather that may be a little damper or colder than normal. The fabric technology is the same that used for the stretch tops. They provide an additional layer when you need it most, without jeopardizing comfort.