The Betting Sport of the Future Is Marathons

While sports betting has been around for centuries, marathon betting is still reasonably new to punters and bookmakers alike. The popularity of betting on marathons contests has not yet set the sports betting arena alight; however, the prospects it offers are endless. The unpredictability of marathon betting is what possibly makes it such an attraction. Once the punters recognize the thrill of this sport and the risk factor involved, it is sure to take off.

Underdogs or FroRelated imagent-Runners?

Betting on marathons contests is still in the relatively early stages, and because of this fact, bookmakers don’t offer a huge variety of betting options in this regard. You are pretty much limited to one or two options. While most offer the chance to place your bets on the first place winner, casino sites like may provide the opportunity of taking your chances on the first three.

Where marathon betting is similar to any other sports betting is that the expected winner or top competitor who is expected to take first place will provide you with lower betting odds. The underdog or competitor least likely to win will give you higher odds.

Who Do You Place Your Bet On? That’s The Burning Question

The same amount of research and knowledge about marathon running and the competitors is required as with any other sports betting. Betting on marathons contests require the punter to do the homework necessary to make as informed a decision as possible. By doing this, the punter will minimize the risks involved and the chances of losing their money.

The history of the competitor in question must be scrutinized. Their track record in recent races is significant. Their stamina, and strengths must also be taken into consideration. Studies which routes seem to favour them and which seem to be their downfall. The slightest recent illness or even the most minor injury could be the difference between a resounding win or a disappointing loss.